Owner managed - our promise of quality - for your individual requirements

Why should you choose MB Limousine service

because we live our concept of quality at the highest level at fair prices.

By this we mean:

  • You do not contact a call center but our own employees
  • Our own chauffeurs are multilingual and experienced in dealing with international guests
  • Reliability means constant punctuality
  • Confidentiality. So that you can use your travel time efficiently
  • determine which chauffeur suits you best
  • Whatever type of limousine you choose from our wide and modern limousine fleet without any outside advertising, you will have the choice
  • and all at fair prices with our fixed price guarantee

It is no longer a question of the status of our guests, it is primarily about using the manager hour more efficiently. Whether directly from home or from the office, use every minute of the travel time for your otherwise tasks in the office. Make confidential calls, because our chauffeurs are obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality as a special privilege. This means that even a 30-minute drive to or from the airport can be used more efficiently than before.

Our modern limousine fleet is without any outside advertising. The limousines have a long wheelbase with air suspension. The subtle difference to be chauffeured relaxed and a guarantee of our own quality standards.

I have been guaranteeing the quality with my name as owner of MB Limousine Service for over 10 years

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